Water-vacuum massage and hydromassage

Water-vacuum massage is based on the general principles of classical massage – pressure, shaking, smoothing and vibrating movements. Vacuum massage improves lymph and blood circulation and accelerates tissue metabolism. The difference with dry vacuum massage is the water glide between the skin and the device resulting in safer and painless procedure. The draw and the simultaneous water pressure provide in extra efficient results. Due to the temperature of the water (34-38 C) and hydrostatic pressure (support) the tissues relax and the massage reaches deeper musco-sceletal tissues. The procedure is suitable for both whole body massage and for local problems (especially back and joints).


Contraindications: fever, heart disease (ischemic attack, arrhythmia, pacemaker), varicose veins, joint prostheses, malignant tumor.

Duration of Water-Vacuum massage: 40 min (20 min with therapist + 20 min independently in the bath with hydromassage). Turnaround time 1,5 h. The procedure is carried out by certified nurse or physical therapist.

Duration of Hydromassage: 20 min independently. There are 240 water jets in the bath that provide automated limbs-to heart massage. Turnaround time 1 h.


Take with you your swimwear, towel and shampoo – as if you were going to swim in public pool.



Water-Vacuum massage

Session 35 €

3 sessions 95 € (-10%)

6 sessions 168 € (-20%)

Hydro massage

Session 18 €

3 sessions 49 € (-10%)

6 sessions 86 € (-20%)