Salt Chamber

Dry Salt Therapy or halotherapy is based on the salt's three characteristics: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moisture-absorbing. Inhalation of airborne salty powder facilitates breathing as it alleviates inflammation, depletes sputum, and reduces swelling of the airway mucosa. Dry salt dust reaches the periphery of the respiratory tract. When salt dust penetrates through the pores of the skin, it absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, which makes the skin moist and elastic, stimulating the skin metabolism.


In the salt chamber, up to 2 people can stay at a time.

Contraindications: viral infection with fever, acute asthma, pulmonary emphysema, heart failure.

The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes, independently.



Session 9 €/person; 15 €/2 persons

3 sessions 24 € (-10%)/person; 41 €/2 persons (-10%)

6 sessions 43 € (-20%)/person; 72 €/2 persons (-20%)